These Horrifying Pictures Show The Tiananmen Square Protests Like You've Never Seen Them

In 1989, thousands of demonstrators in Tiananmen Square were met with brutal force as the Chinese government sought to crush a wave of pro-democracy protests.

After the death of former Chinese Communist Party leader Hu Yaobang, a beloved figure to pro-democratic Chinese students, in 1989, people throughout the country demonstrated in favor of democratic values, such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and against corruption within the Chinese Communist Party.

Over the course of several weeks, thousands of people congregated in Beijing's Tiananmen Square demanding government reform.

After protesters ignored orders to vacate the square, the Chinese government deployed armed troops and tanks to forcefully dispel the demonstrators.

On the evening of June 4, violence erupted in the square as unarmed demonstrators were confronted by the Chinese military.

There is no consensus on the actual death toll as estimates range from several hundred to 10,000. In the decades since, China has effectively erased the event from its collective memory and suppressed common knowledge of the massacre.

These pictures capture what transpired in Tiananmen Square in June 1989.

Warning: Some viewers may find some of the following images disturbing.

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