10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we lead with our photo coverage of Monday’s inferno that devastated the Notre Dame Cathedral. In twin photo stories by BuzzFeed News, the past and present of this iconic Paris landmark is contextualized against a backdrop of perseverance and reinvention. To follow, Mark Thiessen’s portraits of an elite team of airborne firefighters will leave your palms sweaty and remind you of the great lengths our emergency responders will go to to keep us safe.

Shifting gears toward galleries on Coachella and Andy Warhol’s Factory reveals the roots of what’s fashionable today in music and pop culture, while profiles on photographers Erwin Olaf, Mary Ellen Matthews, and Kali Spitzer show the exciting and experimental ways artists continue to expand the horizons of portrait photography. We end on BuzzFeed News’ interview with the granddaughter of pioneering woman photographer Lee Miller on her life’s legacy.

These are some of the photo stories from across the internet that caught our eye and kept us thinking.

“These Historic Photos of Notre Dame Cathedral Show Its Eventful Past” — BuzzFeed News

“These Heartbreaking Photos Show People Reacting to the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral” — BuzzFeed News

“When Wildfires Break Out, This Elite Team of ‘Smokejumpers’ Parachute In” — National Geographic

“How the SNL Portrait Became Its Own Art Form” — Vulture

“Erwin Olaf: ‘I Do Not Know If I Am Still “Fresh” With My Ideas... and to Be Honest I Do Not Give a Fuck’” — i-D

“This Photographer Shines a Light on the Dark Side of Andy Warhol’s Factory” — Dazed

“These Pictures Show Just How Much Coachella Has Changed” — BuzzFeed News

“13 Iconic Pictures From One of Art History’s Most Legendary Women” — BuzzFeed News

“21 of The Most Powerful Photos of This Week” — BuzzFeed News

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