23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From the horrific mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso to the coming together of communities in the wake of these tragedies, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from this past week.

John Minchillo / AP

Shoes piled outside the scene of Sunday's mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 4.

John Minchillo / AP

Doves are released over mourners during a vigil in Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 4.

Paul Ratje / AFP / Getty Images

Abel Valenzuela visits a makeshift memorial in El Paso, Texas, Aug. 8.

Bryan Woolston / Reuters

Trump supporters scream at counterprotesters in Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 7

Leah Millis / Reuters

President Trump makes a statement at the White House about the recent mass shootings, where he mistakenly attributed the site of the Ohio shooting to Toledo instead of Dayton, Aug. 5.

Rogelio V. Solis / AP

A man is taken into custody at a Koch Foods plant in Morton, Mississippi, Aug. 7. Immigration officials raided several Mississippi food processing plants on Wednesday, signaling that they were part of a large-scale operation targeting owners as well as employees.

Kin Cheung / AP

People protest the arrests of those caught in possession of laser pointers, which have been classified as offensive weapons by the police, during a rally in Hong Kong, Aug. 7.

Isaac Lawrence / AFP / Getty Images

Police fire tear gas during a protest in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, Aug. 4.

Nazeer Al-khatib / AFP / Getty Images

Turkish-backed Syrian fighters in Tadef, Syria, Aug. 6.

Lillian Suwanrumpha / AFP / Getty Images

A soldier stacks anti-personnel mines before a controlled detonation in Sa Kaeo, Thailand, Aug. 6.

Christophe Petit Tesson / CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

A worker sprays an anti-lead decontamination treatment at St. Benoit Elementary School after an analysis showed an excessive presence of lead due to the April burning of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, Aug. 8.

Denis Charlet / AFP / Getty Images

Franky Zapata pilots his jet-powered "flyboard" past the belfry of the city hall of Calais. He took off from Sangatte, France, on Aug. 4, for his attempt to fly across the 22-mile Channel crossing in 20 minutes, while maintaining an average speed of 87 mph 50–65 feet above the sea.

Mary Calvert / Reuters

Ulysses Watko, 7, visiting from Portland, Oregon, sits next to a sculpture of Franklin D. Roosevelt while his dad takes a picture in Washington, DC, Aug. 7.

Soe Zeya Tun / Reuters

A family prays near the ruins of a headless Buddha statue that had been submerged when a dam was constructed but is now dry from a drought, in Lopburi, Thailand, Aug. 1.

Kyodo Kyodo / Reuters

A girl releases paper lanterns on the Motoyasu River across from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in remembrance of victims of the bombing of Hiroshima 74 years earlier, Japan, Aug. 6.

Abdel Ghani Bashir / AFP / Getty Images

Mulism pilgrims pray around the Kaaba, Islam's holiest shrine, at the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca, Aug. 7, prior to the start of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Vcg / Getty Images

Models wearing facekinis pose for a picture on a beach in Qingdao, China, Aug. 5.

Juni Kriswanto / AFP / Getty Images

A model performs at the Jember Fashion Carnaval in Jember, Indonesia, Aug. 4.

Noah Berger / AP

Firefighters battle the Marsh Fire near Brentwood, California, Aug. 3.

Social Media / Reuters

Ice melts into a river during a heat wave in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, Aug. 1.

Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

Brighton Pride 2019 in Brighton, England, Aug. 3.

Focke Strangmann / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

Helpers release seal pups into the North Sea on the beach of the island of Juist in Germany, Aug. 6.

Kai-otto Melau / Getty Images

People celebrate the annual Friday morning social swim in Eidfjord, Norway, Aug. 2.