24 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

From trouble in Portland, Oregon, following President Trump's deployment of federal officers to the outpouring of love for the late Rep. John Lewis, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from the past week.

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Protesters in a big crowd hold up over their heads the flashlights on their phones, and some demonstrators carry signs that say "Go home, feds, mama says so" and "Black Lives Matter"
A federal officer, dressed in camouflage with a gas mask on, uses a baton to push against a demonstrator, who wears a red helmet and red bandana over her face
Standing behind a barrier covered in graffiti, a federal officer dressed in camouflage fires an explosive-looking munition
A demonstrator, backlit by a fire in the background, holds up a US flag amid clouds of tear gas
A sanitation worker dressed in an all-white uniform washes graffiti on the ground outside the Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall Subway Station
Two police officers hold onto the arms of a screaming woman kneeling on the ground
Yellow caution tape is wrapped around an iron fence; in the background, an empty street and brick buildings
People leave flowers, balloons, and cards, on the ground beneath a towering mural of Rep. John Lewis that says the word "Hero" at the top
One boat in the foreground, named Hornblower, carries six passengers dressed in bright red raincoats; in the background, a tourist boat named "Maid of the Mist" carries several dozen passengers in blue raincoats
A crowded beach is filled with sunbathers and people lounging under umbrellas
Anthony Fauci, wearing a Washington Nationals–branded cap, face mask, and jersey, stands on a mound and throws a baseball
President Trump stands behind a lectern while press secretary Kayleigh McEnany sits in the background
Several pairs of white clogs sit on the lawn outside the US Capitol building
Two emergency medical workers stand near a sheet-covered body on the sidewalk; one worker puts on a glove while the other leans over the body
A healthcare worker, wearing a full-body protective gear, including a face mask and goggles, looks into the camera with tired eyes and a sweaty forehead
Five people in full-body protective gear, face masks, and black boots, stand with automatic weapons on the street
A fire blazes on a hill just behind a residential neighborhood
A fire burns through a hillside with trucks parked in a field below
A crowd of people stand near the shore to watch a rocket launch in the distance; many of the people take pictures and shade themselves under umbrellas
Two Syrian soldiers, one sitting on the ground and the other standing, are surrounded by sandbags that form a barrier; above them, the Milky Way galaxy and many stars are visible
Older people sit in wheelchairs and in seats around a large Rembrandt painting,
The Queen (left) uses a sword to tap the left shoulder of Sir Thomas Moore (right) as both stand on the grass
An aerial photo shows thousands of baby flamingos in a body of water
Lightning strikes the Hudson River; the skyline of buildings in New York's Financial District stands in the background

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