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Here's What Mickey Mouse Looked Like In The Early Years Of Disney

On Nov. 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse premiered in Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie and the world became a bit more magical.

Posted on November 18, 2018, at 11:43 a.m. ET


Mickey Mouse in a scene from Steamboat Willie, 1928.

Ullstein Bild Dtl. / Getty Images

A group of musicians record sound for a Mickey Mouse cartoon, 1932.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

Cartoonist Floyd Gottfredson making a drawing of Mickey in the studio, 1933.

Hulton Deutsch / Getty Images

Baird Television Development Company employees demonstrate their new television model with a Mickey Mouse cartoon, 1935.

Henry Guttmann / Getty Images

Mickey Mouse on top of a pile of letters he received from fans.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

Walt Disney congratulates Mildred Lee Chanter for winning a contest for making the best Mickey out of snow in Lake Arrowhead, California, 1933.

Boston Globe / Getty Images

A Mickey Mouse balloon floats along the route of the Thanksgiving Day parade in Boston on Nov. 24, 1938.

Douglas Miller / Getty Images

An employee at Madame Tussaud's waxworks museum in London puts the finishing touches to a waxwork of Mickey Mouse on Nov, 7, 1930.

New York Daily News Archive / Getty Images

J. Edgar Hoover, the first FBI director, wears a Mickey Mouse mask at a New Year's Eve party in New York City, 1937.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

Mickey Mouse at the wheel of a car bearing his personal coat of arms, at the Mickey Mouse Studios just outside of Los Angeles on Feb. 21, 1933.

Popperfoto / Getty Images

Pilot Admiral Prune in the cockpit of his Lancaster bomber during World War II, 1942.

Popperfoto / Getty Images

A warden fits a Mickey Mouse respirator onto a child's face during World War II, 1939.

Teenie Harris Archive / Getty Images

Girl reading the Mickey Mouse and the Pirate Submarine comic book in Pittsburgh, 1947.

Abc Photo Archives / Getty Images

The original cast of The Mickey Mouse Club, 1955.

Earl Theisen Collection / Getty Images

Walt Disney examines a model of Disneyland while chatting with his imagineers in Los Angeles, 1954.

Loomis Dean / Getty Images

Planted flowers in the design of Mickey Mouse's face are at the entrance of the newly opened Disneyland, 1955.

Donaldson Collection / Getty Images

Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse in the background, circa 1955.


The fifth and sixth photos were misdated in an earlier version of this post.