11 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

1. "The Photos Coming Out of Syria After a Suspected Chemical Attack Are Horrifying" — BuzzFeed News

2. "Above Canada and Greenland With NASA's Operation IceBridge" — Atlantic

3. "For 30 Years, a Son Chronicled His Mom’s Heartbreaking Struggle With Cigarettes" — Huffington Post

4. "These Shockingly Beautiful Birth Photos Were Named the Best for 2017" — BuzzFeed

5. "These Photos Show What It’s Like Being a Child Bride in the Country of Georgia" — Washington Post

6. "Rare Captures of the Wildlife With Which We Share Our Cities" — Feature Shoot

Photographer Antonio Faccilongo’s photos border on claustrophobic. He spent time chronicling individuals who either reside or hang out in old atomic shelters under Beijing. For residents, these bunkers are a fraction of the price of traditional real estate, making them an attractive option for lower-income workers. It's estimated that a million people live in these spaces, and Antonio's images show the cross-section of people who frequent these austere, often dilapidated habitats: a college girl in a trendy camel-colored coat, beret, and manicured nails; a real-estate agent in a full suit playing pool with work buddies; a 3-year old child who calls the shelter home; and a student at work in a subterranean school.


8. "Evidence of Strained Ties on China–North Korea Border" — Reuters

9. "From Slavery to Freedom: Revealing the Underground Railroad" — New York Times

10. "Surviving Sexual Assault in India" — Time

11. "23 of the Most Powerful Photos of This Week" — BuzzFeed News

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