Here's How Manchester Locals Feel After Monday's Terrorist Attack

"We are British, we are staying strong. We’re not going to change our lives.”

Following Monday night's suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, which left 22 dead and injured dozens of concert goers, many locals have returned to their daily lives with a heightened awareness of their surroundings and safety.

Magnum photographer Matt Stuart took to Manchester's streets the morning after the attack to document the feelings of its locals as they attempt to restore a sense of normality.

1. Emma, 18, from Manchester.

2. Aaron, 32, from Manchester.

3. Ben, 20, from Manchester.

4. Jonathan, 36, from Manchester.

5. Rhianne, 18, from Manchester.

6. Ayax, 18, from Manchester.

7. Owen, 34, from Manchester.

8. Abdullah, 19, from Manchester.

9. Joshua, 22, from Manchester.

10. Emily, 21, from Manchester.

11. Paolo, 30, Italian, has lived in Manchester for 5 years.

12. Chloe, 18, from Manchester.

Quotes by Spiegel in coordination with Magnum Photos.

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