17 Completely Insane Things You Can Buy In A Russian Gift Shop

How could you leave Moscow without picking up a few souvenirs?

1. A gold-plated iPhone 7 with Donald Trump's face and a price tag of 197,000 rubles (approximately $2,971):

2. A complete set of Trump family Russian nesting dolls:

3. There's even one with Barack Obama hiding in Trump's belly:

4. If you're lucky, you might find a Hillary Clinton doll sandwiched somewhere between Putin and Trump:

5. Or if a more ~realistic~ doll is on the shopping list:

6. There's this incredible painting of Donald Trump that really deserves to be in a museum:

7. Just a normal T-shirt with the friendly, not at all serious reminder that "KGB STILL WATCHING YOU":

8. Just some T-shirts of a cool guy wearing some cool shades — nothing to see here:

9. There's this chrome-plated AK-47 fully automatic assault rifle:

10. This meticulously carved wooden sculpture of Vladimir Putin casually riding a fucking bear:

11. For the coffee drinker in your life, you might pick up a mug featuring any of these Russian heroes — Putin, Trump, or the Beatles:

12. Or maybe this mug of Putin and Trump making pouty faces together:

13. In Russian gift shops, life imitates art:

14. It's really not uncommon to see baby Donald in the arms of daddy Putin:

15. Before you leave Russia, don't forget to pick your Trump/Putin "We Heart Russia" tee:

16. These crucial accessories for your Russian investigation cosplay outfit:

17. And, of course, the complete collection of Donald Trump's books translated into Russian:

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