19 WTF Fitness Trends From History That Are Better Left In The Past

It's truly surprising that we've survived so many New Year's resolutions. (Disclaimer: attempting these may result in death or serious injury, not abs of steel.)

Why not strengthen your core and do a bit of deep cleaning with this exercise routine from 1958? That's two resolutions in one!

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This totally safe and comfortable mask designed to "exercise" your face in 1955.

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And while we're working out our faces — try tapping your eyeballs 200 times a day to promote better vision with these rubber drumsticks from 1944.

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The secret to being "strong and happy" during the 1910s? Electricity!

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Here's a workout that involves a human-sized hamster wheel from 1936, which is clearly way more fun for the instructor than the person in the wheel.

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Who needs a gym when you can just plug in your 1942 "Reduc-O-Matic" and watch those pounds fly.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

Speaking of pounds — in 1953, pigtail weight lifting was the true measure of strength.

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Forget goat yoga — "spaghetti yoga" was all the rage back in 1947.

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And here's a totally safe yoga pose from 1949 that any person with two dining room chairs can perform in their very own home.

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Exercising was a family affair in 1926 with this tricycle designed to hit the road with baby in tow. No helmets required!

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This early prototype for a treadmill in 1923 was an easy way to get moving — but if you want to keep your toes, please keep up the pace.

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What's a crick in your neck when this machine from 1934 promises abs of steel?

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This new "exercise roller" was quite the stress reliever when it was released back in 1940.

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This "nautical treadmill" from 1953 is a surefire way to tone those legs — and if it sinks, some cardio in the water wouldn't hurt either!

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This "ozone bath" is a beauty treatment designed to detoxify the skin and also quite the fashion statement back in 1951.

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Here's a portable sauna from 1955 that's a fast and easy way to shed those extra pounds from the holiday season!

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One session of electrical zaps from this machine in 1968 is said to be equivalent to eight hours of exercise. Science!

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Jump rope + competitive diving = a comprehensive fitness regiment in 1953.

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And finally — there are no excuses with this workout routine from 1952 designed so you never have to leave your bed!

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