28 Apocalyptic Pictures From The Front Lines Of World War I

From 1914 to 1918, civilization was locked in a horrific world war, a conflict that would leave over 17 million dead and some 7.5 million displaced.

Left: An unidentified soldier shows off the latest advances in body armor, circa 1915. Right: A German cavalryman wearing a gas mask and carrying a long spear highlights the collision of two different ages of war.

Left: British SE-5s are locked in aerial combat with German Fokker D7s, circa 1915. Right: A German soldier parachutes from an observation balloon after it had been destroyed by enemy action in 1918.

A wounded soldier is photographed with and without a facial prosthesis in 1914.

Left: British soldiers blinded by chlorine gas are led through a military encampment in 1918. Right: A wounded American soldier receives first aid at Varennes-en-Argonne in September 1918.

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