This Was What The Supermoon Looked Like Around The World

Closest moon in nearly 70 years = pictures of a lifetime.

Monday night's supermoon marks its closest distance to earth since 1948, appearing approximently 14% bigger and 30% brighter, according to NASA. The next time the moon will appear this bright will be in 2034.

Here are some of the most remarkable pictures taken of this spectacular sight:

1. Fremantle, Australia

2. London, England

3. Frankfurt am Main, Germany

4. Lake Morskie Oko, Poland

5. Dael, Syria

6. Ancient Corinth, Greece

7. Los Angeles, California

8. New York City

9. Silverthorne, Colorado

10. Phoenix, Arizona

11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

13. Yinchuan, China

14. Baikonur, Kazakhstan

15. Glastonbury, Britain

16. Cordoba, Spain

17. Nanjing, China

18. Dunhuang, China

19. Ankara, Turkey

20. Athens, Greece

21. Managua, Nicaragua

22. Marbach am Neckar, Germany

23. Skopje, Macedonia

24. Kuwait City, Kuwait

25. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

26. Prague, Czech Republic

27. Vienna, Austria

28. Lahore, Pakistan

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