13 Of The Most Ridiculous World Records Held By America

Our forefathers could never have imagined America would be this great.

1. The largest number of surfers catching a wave on a single surfboard:

2. The world's largest rubber band ball:

3. The world's longest pizza:

4. The most people twerking at a single location:

5. The person with the world's longest fingernails:

6. The person with the world's largest collection of sneakers:

7. The most people opening umbrellas at the exact same time:

8. The largest gathering of people in sombreros:

9. The world's most expensive dessert:

10. The largest margarita in the world:

11. The world's largest piñata:

12. The biggest popcorn ball in the world:

13. The most people doing jumping jacks in 24 hours:

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