The US Men's Team Failed To Qualify For The World Cup And Fans Can't Believe It

The USMNT's loss to Trinidad and Tobago, and Panama's victory against Costa Rica, meant there'll be no trip to the soccer showpiece in Russia next year.

Next year's World Cup in Russia will be the first in 32 years not to feature the US men's national team, after they failed to qualify for soccer's biggest showpiece.

This goal from "wonderboy" Christian Pulisic was not enough to stop the team from slipping to a 2–1 defeat to Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday evening.

And this late goal for Panama in their game against Costa Rica — which sparked pandemonium in Panama City, and secured the country's first ever World Cup appearance — sealed the USMNT's fate.

Naturally, fans and pundits alike were furious.

The U.S. is out of the World Cup but @taylortwellman is just getting started:

Let’s be clear: This is an embarrassment. With the money we invest in this sport, losing tonight is absolute rock bottom. #USMNT

seems pretty accurate #USMNT

Just a reminder that the #USMNT had a 93% chance to make the World Cup entering tonight. They deserve their fate.

Some were able to joke about it.

Very unfair that #USMNT have to play both Trinidad and Tobago on same night. No surprise they failed to qualify for…

Christian Pulisic is going to need a chiropractor after caring this #USMNT on his back every time he takes the field...

#USMNT eliminated from World Cup contention like...

Others made cracks at the expense of the current presidency.

The #USMNT just disrespected the American flag way more than any NFL player ever has.

I thought Trump said America's going to win so much. What happened #USMNT

Trinidad isn't the problem... Tabago... big problem. Surrounded by water, big water #USMNT

(Working up hilarious take about how #USMNT could still win 2018 World Cup with help from the Electoral College. It's gonna be a good one)

People also said it proved that the US women's national team — who have won the World Cup three times — deserved their demand for equal pay with their male counterparts.

The #USWNT would never put forth such a gutless, despicable performance despite being paid pennies on the men’s dol…

Remember that time that the US WOMEN’S National Team won 3 World Cups and ~*still*~ has to fight for equal pay? #USMNT #USWNT ⚽️💅🇺🇸

Anyone feels #USMNT still deserves to be paid more than #USWNT when they can't even qualify for the World Cup, I'd love to hear your logic

A monstrosity. The women have THREE world cups. #EqualPay #USMNT men can't even get there. It's honestly sickening…

However, everyone from diehard fans to casual supporters seemed to agree that a World Cup without the USMNT just wouldn't be the same.

For me, seeing the #USMNT & #USWNT in World Cups is why I fell in love with soccer. Just think about how many kids won't see that next year.

I admit I'm one of the once every 4 years fans and I will be just as into this World Cup as any other but it will be weird w/o #USMNT

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