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Somalis Demonstrate Against Al-Shabab Following Beach Terror Attack

Hundreds gathered to protest Al-Shabab's killing of more than 20 people and shared images via the #LiidoDemonstration hashtag.

Posted on January 28, 2016, at 7:10 a.m. ET

Hundreds of Somalis reportedly gathered on Mogadishu's Liido beach Thursday morning, in protest of the gun and bomb attack carried out there by militant group Al-Shabab last week, that killed more than 20 people.

#BREAKING A massive demonstration against Alshabab's recent Liido massacre taking place at Liido beach in #Mogadishu

People at the protest used the hashtag #LiidoDemonstration to show solidarity with the victims of the attack, and voice their opposition to Al-Shabab, who have been responsible for a spate of attacks in the Horn of Africa in recent years.

"Al-shabab has no religion" slogan of the protest #LiidoDemonstration on going now.

#LiidoDemonstration hundreds of pple have demonstrated at Liido beach earlier this morning against terror attack

The protest was attended by a large number of Somali women, according to attendees posting on Twitter.

A group of women sitting the place Alshabab masscred more civilians including Women & children. #LiidoDemonstration


Others tweeted that they attended the protest felt compelled to show the world that ordinary Somalis condemn acts of terror, and Al-Shabab.

#LiidoDemonstration, I have join morally those braveness to protest against AS mascare and peace haters. Strongest condemn to the #terrorist

Due to the precarious security situation in Mogadishu, protests against Al-Shabab are rare, but it appears that last week's suicide bombing, gun attack and siege in the popular beachside restaurant area was the last straw for many.

#LiidoDemonstration this shows local people in #Mogadishu especially women have had enough and are speaking up against alshababe

#LiidoDemonstration i will frequently visit Liido beach till the last drop of my blood, i don't mine if am killed just like our Liido Heroes

Years of civil war and unrest has led to instability and bloodshed in Somalia.

Somalis are resilient; their morals can be hurt but can never be broken.They are bold & brave more than ever now #Peace #liidodemonstration

Those at the protest tweeted that they hoped peace would prevail in the face of the latest massacre.

We'll not be silent to the terror inhuman actions, we the people of Peace #LiidoDemonstration