These Are The Most Iconic Halloween Costumes Of 2016

A raging dumpster fire of a year = actually fire Halloween costumes.

1. This mom who dressed as a severed head in a freezer.

2. The kid who dressed as Trump's hair.

3. Amazon Prime.

4. The Jewish and Muslim best friends who dressed up as superhero duo "The Juslims."

My daughter is Jewish. Her best pal is Muslim. For Halloween they created a superhero team: The Juslims. I've rarel…

5. This 5-year-old's iconic Beyoncé costumes.

6. Along with mini RiRi, mini Prince, and *ahem* "Taylor Swift."

Kids dressed as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Prince for Halloween #Impact👌🏽

7. Bette Midler as her own character from Hocus Pocus.

8. Kelsey Grammar as his own character from The Simpsons.

9. This kid's amazing No-Face costume (and her friend's reaction).

10. "This is fine."

11. This adorable pair as Lilo & Stitch.

I think my niece wins best costume 😍 lilo & stitch #halloweekend

12. And this second, equally adorable Lilo & Stitch effort.

13. The guy who dressed up as his dog's favorite Gumby toy and got the greatest reaction from his dog.

View this video on YouTube

14. The guy who dressed up as the Gumby dog toy surprise video the day after it went viral.

15. This elaborate Pokemon Go get-up.

16. This dad and stepmom's gender-reversed Harley Quinn and Joker costumes.

My Dad and Stepmom flipped roles casually to be not as "basic" this year. #ImDeceased 😭💀

17. The kindergarten teacher who turned up at Starbucks dressed as the woman from the Starbucks logo.

18. This Samsung Galaxy Note7.

19. Dwight from The Office, with pumpkin.

I'm glad people liked my costume last night. I love you if you understand it

20. The "Reverse Babadook."

21. Catception, featuring literal scaredy cat.


22. This terrifyingly realistic Stranger Things Demogorgon.

23. The dog who kept the spirit of Bowie alive with his Labyrinth costume.

No offence, but Dog Jareth is the only costume that matters

24. The UK's "traingate" political scandal, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the floor near an empty, reserved seat.

Two of my mates have gone as #traingate for Halloween and it's incredible.

25. This flawless TLC costume.

Best halloween costume #TLC😍🎶🎵

26. Hillary's emails.

I'm Hillary Clinton's 33000 deleted emails

27. The guy who dressed up as the poster for The Thing.

He dressed up as The Thing poster 🔥🔥🔥

29. "You can't sit with us."

30. This freaky severed head.

My halloween floating head realness❣️✨ Because I'm what? Nauseating 😷 #halloweencostume #lackthereof

32. All the Arthur fist meme costumes.

When someone asks what your costume is supposed to be

33. This Mars Attacks family.

34. And this utterly perfect Nintendo squad.

These three just walked past me outside a restaurant. Knocked on the window for them to stop and let me take a pic.…

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