Trump Wants You Vote On November 28, 20 Days After The Election

The election is on Nov. 8. That's 20 days earlier, math fans.

Donald Trump attempted to revive his beleaguered presidential campaign at a rally in Panama City Beach, Florida, on Tuesday evening, by urging people to get out and vote on Nov. 28.

I think the pressure may be getting to him

"There's never been anything like this," the Republican nominee said, "so, go and register. Make sure you get out and vote: November 28!"

The problem with that is the election takes place a full 20 days earlier, on Nov. 8.

Despite the mistake, plenty of people seemed to agree with Trump's suggestion that his supporters should head to the polls on Nov. 28. However, pretty much none of them were Trump fans.

Yes Trump supporters. Whatever you do please get out and vote on November 28th and not a minute before!

Trump voters: Trump was right about Election Day being on November 28. Do not let the lying media tell you otherwise!!!!

YES FLORIDA REPUBLICANS - Vote for Trump on 28 November! #ImWithHer #Hillary2016


But why would Trump have Nov. 28 in his head? Well, the much-publicized trial over whether the now-defunct Trump University defrauded its students is due to start on that date.

Trump was speaking at a rally at Panama City Beach when he made the mistake.

When BuzzFeed News spoke to some of his supporters at the rally, few seemed concerned by his public spat with Republican Speaker Paul Ryan over leaked audio where Trump bragged about how he thought his fame gave him a pass to sexually assault women.

“It’ll have consequences for Paul Ryan, not for Donald Trump … I think a lot less of him," one said. "I still think he’s a good man.”

Another added: “They better get it together and support him wholeheartedly. We’ve got to have Trump.”

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