Alec Baldwin Has Been Going Around Wearing A Red Trump Hat – In Russian

"Do Americas Great Again!"

Saturday Night Live may not be back for another week, but Alec Baldwin continued to taunt Donald Trump by wearing a Russian-language "Make America Great Again" hat in New York this weekend.

Baldwin posted this selfie on Instagram on Saturday afternoon, having provoked — and responded to — a number of tweets from the president-elect over his regular portrayals of the soon-to-be commander in chief on SNL over the last few months.

...@realDonaldTrump Release your tax returns and I'll stop. Ha

The Russian words on the hat are not a perfect translation of Trump's slogan, however: it uses the wrong word forms, and translates more accurately to English as "Do Americas Great Again".

The hat is almost certainly a reference to the US intelligence report which was declassified this week, which said Russia tried to influence November's election in order to help Trump.

Baldwin was also photographed wearing the hat while out in New York City, and he continued to respond the the president-elect's tweets on Saturday.

It remains to be seen if Baldwin will reprise his role as Trump when SNL returns from its break on Jan. 14.

Victor Stepanov contributed reporting to this article.

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