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The Best Of "Obama Wins Everything"

Unless the GOP comes up with something really clever, we may be almost done with the fuss about Obama winning an international award. So let's take a minute to remember the good times: Here are my favorite BuzzFeeder responses to the story. Some serious rising to the challenge went on with this one.

Posted on October 13, 2009, at 5:35 p.m. ET

  • Obama Wins The Heisman

    People were sure it was going to be Tebow, until Barack declared himself as eligible. He deserves it! (From John S.)

  • Obama Wins the Flower Cup!

    Take that, Princess Peach! (From Jennifer Mrazek.)

  • Obama Destroys The Death Star

    That shot was one in a million, Mr. President! (From Lazar Taxon.)

  • Bo Wins Best In Show!

    If Barack is Superman, Bo is like Krypto (jokes for nerds!!!). From Anitalawyer.

  • Barack Wins The Womens Individual Gymnastics Gold

    I can't believe he stuck that landing! (From Joey Joseph.)

  • And then sets the record for most Olympic medals ever ...

    I mean, wow. 8 golds! Take that, Mark Spitz. (From Amanda.)

  • The RNC Nomination!

    Total surprise there! Picking Palin as a running mate gave him a huge boost with the base. (From Starpulse.)

  • Obama Is Miss America

    Totally owned the swimsuit segment. (From Derek H.)

  • The Presidency

    Nobel Prize and the Presidency of the USA? Seems like kind of a stretch ... (From Bear Vs. Shark.)

  • Everything Else

    Here's a video. (From Endswell.)

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