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Why Do People, Who Say They Want To Vote, Not Vote?

No One Knows Anything, BuzzFeed's politics podcast, investigates.

Posted on June 30, 2016, at 10:39 a.m. ET

It's Turn Up To Vote week at BuzzFeed.

At No One Knows Anything, BuzzFeed's politics podcast, we set out to find out why people who want to vote end up not voting.

The answer can be complicated. Sometimes the rules surrounding voter registration are too hard to follow. Sometimes people get nervous about government forms. Sometimes it's like making a dentist appointment — you know you want to do it but you end up not doing it.

On the podcast, we found two sisters — Anabel and Elle Abarca — who couldn't be more different when it comes to voting. Anabel works in politics. She registers people to vote as part of her job in Chicago. She thinks about voting all the time. Elle lives in New York. She cares about politics, but she's never voted.

We talked to both sisters. And Elle registered to vote.

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