What Does History Teach Us About The 2016 Election?

John Dickerson joins No One Knows Anything, BuzzFeed's politics podcast.

PHILADELPHIA — A historic convention held in one of America's most historic cities. Another chapter in an election that many think defies history.

The Democratic National Convention here this week has put the first woman in American history atop a major party ticket. A week earlier and a few hundred miles to the west, Republicans made history of their own, putting one of the few non-politicians at the head of their ticket.

A lot of people look at 2016 and say none of this has happened before. John Dickerson, host of CBS' Face The Nation, looks at it and says actually quite a lot of it has happened before.

In his new book Whistlestop, Dickerson recounts stories of past presidential campaigns that help to explain and contextualize the current, weirder than usual presidential election.

Dickerson joined No One Knows Anything to talk about the book — and which candidate from the past reminds him the most of Donald Trump.

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