RNC Sending Democrats American Flag "Lie Of The Year" Trophies That Were Made In China

The Republican National Committee is sending Democrats trophies commemorating PolitiFact's "Lie Of The Year."

WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee publicity effort to tar Democrats with PolitiFact's "Lie Of The Year" includes sending Democrats trophies emblazoned with the American Flag that are made in China.

A Democratic source said the trophies have been sent to the offices of all the top Republican targets for defeat in next year's Senate elections. The trophy lists the name of the targeted Democratic Senator with "Lie Of The Year" inscribed below it. PoltiFact gave the label to President Obama's oft-repeated "if you like your plan, you can keep it" line, and Republicans have sought to capitalize on that as election season draws nearer.

On the base of the RNC trophy is a plaque bearing the name of the manufacturer, Trophy Depot and reads "Base Made In China." A representative at the New York-based firm told BuzzFeed Wednesday the model purchased by the RNC is likely constructed entirely in China.

A quick Google search found several firms that sell custom trophies manufactured in the United States.

"We ordered trophies from a company in Edgewood, N.Y.," said Kirsten Kukowski, spokesperson for the RNC. "The Democrats lied to their constituents and told them they could keep their doctor, they should focus on how they are going to come clean to their constituents ahead of their elections."