Obama's "Politics 101": "You Don’t Put Stuff On Your Head If You’re President"

Obama declines an offer to wear a football helmet and doles out some political advice.

WASHINGTON — When members of the US Naval Academy football team presented President Obama with a custom helmet during a White House photo op and asked him to put it on Friday, Obama politely declined.

A helmet is just bad politics, Obama explained. From the pool report by the Baltimore Sun's John Fritze:

After the president's remarks two players presented POTUS with a Navy helmet. Someone in the crowd shouted "put it on."

"Here's a general rule," the president joked. "You don't put stuff on your head if you're president. That's politics 101. You never look good wearing something on your head."

The Naval Academy team was at the White House to accept the Commander In Chief's Trophy. Details on that from the White House:

"The Commander in Chief's Trophy was established in 1972. It is awarded to the service academy with the best overall record against the other two service academies. Every year since 1984, except 1993 when there was no outright winner, the President has personally presented the Trophy to members of the victorious Academy's football team at the White House."