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This Is Definitely The Hottest Bernie Sanders Calendar You'll Ever See

Meet the "Men Who Bern."

Posted on December 21, 2015, at 12:46 p.m. ET

People who like Bernie Sanders really like to show it off. Usually that means donning layers of Sanders swag. But in the case of one new grassroots fundraising effort, it means taking off as many clothes as possible.

MenWhoBern / Via

It's the 2016 Men Who Bern wall calendar, and it has nothing officially — but everything unofficially — to do with the Sanders for President campaign.

Men Who Bern / Via

Mr. December shows off his, um, tree topper.

Twelve months of dudes wearing not much more than a Sanders sticker — sometimes even less than that — plus a centerfold.

Men Who Bern / Via

Mr. October.

The calendar is not official Sanders merch, and is not associated with the campaign. But creators say all the money it raises will "help fund the local grassroots movement to win New York."

It's the brainchild of Joe Beuerlein, a Brooklyn actor who just came off the national tour of Peter and the Starcatcher. The guys either submitted their photos after Beuerlien asked for them on Instagram, or they're his friends. They all love Bernie.

"The issue dearest to my heart is climate change," Beuerlien said. "I really see Bernie's political revolution as the only way forward to getting the kind of climate legislation we need passed in time for it to do any good."

"If I've done my job, it will make a lot of Bernie fans smile," Beuerlein said of the calendar.

Men Who Bern / Via

Mr. February.

The calendar part of the calendar features important Democratic primary calendar dates.

Men Who Bern / Via

The rest is dudes. Dudes who feel the Bern. But don't feel shirts.

Men Who Bern / Via

Mr. May.

There are also great double entendres featuring Bernie-isms. Or, as we'll call them, Bernientendres.

MenWhoBern / Via

Mr. January.

It's a calendar. With men who feel the Bern. It's the Men Who Bern calendar.

MenWhoBern / Via