Here Are Obama's Favorite Columnists

The president uses an iPad to feed his "voracious" reading habit, former top advisers say. But he reads the New York Times in print.

WASHINGTON — President Obama can't get enough of his iPad, former top aides Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau told BuzzFeed Brews Monday. But he still reads the New York Times in print.

"When he goes for the New York Times, he still reads the hard copy," Vietor said. Plowing through a paper copy of the Times dates back to at least Obama's time as Senator, both men said.

The president's news diet isn't limited to the paper of record however. Vietor said Obama's favorite columnists include Business Insider's Josh Barro, New York's Jonathan Chait, and the Washington Post's Ezra Klein.

Obama likes people who write "smart, nerdy stuff," Vietor said.

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