It Finally Happened: Hacky Sackers Caught Hacking At Bernie Sanders Rally

Hack on!

Shocked this is the first time I can remember recently seeing people playing hacky sack at a @BernieSanders rally.

Bernie Sanders took a swing through upstate New York Monday to stump for votes ahead of April 19's primary in the Empire State. He drew huge crowds at a stop in Binghamton and Albany. Other scheduled stops on the tour included Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse.

Sanders rallies can be like the stereotypes fashioned by critics — although not always. Mostly white, mostly young, mostly liberal crowds do meet the Vermont senator at many of his campaign stop. But the crowds are more politically savvy, wonkier, and less overall jam-band audience-esque than most of the haters think when they snark about Sanders and his supporters.

But sometimes, the reality meets with the cliche. And that's what happened in the crowd in Albany.

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