Can Democrats Ever Get Along Again?

The latest episode of No One Knows Anything: The BuzzFeed Politics Podcast.

The Democratic primary is, effectively, over. President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton Thursday, two days after she won overwhelmingly in Tuesday's Democratic primaries, the last major voting of the long primary process.

For Bernie Sanders supporters, all that's really left to decide is whether or not to get on board the Clinton train. Sanders has not left the race yet, vowing to stay in through Tuesday's District of Columbia primary while also reaching out to Clinton's campaign to begin the unifying process.

Will Sanders supporters go along? In the run up to California's Democratic primary election last week, Sanders supporters were split — many said they would vote for Clinton in November if she was the party's nominee, but more than a few said they wouldn't.

On this week's episode of No One Knows Anything: The BuzzFeed Politics Podcast, supporters on both weighed in on what they're going to do next.

Rep. Xavier Becerra, a Democrat from Los Angeles, is one of the most progressive members of the House. But he's also the fourth-ranking member of the House Democratic caucus, making him a card-carrying member of the party establishment.

Becerra saw a divide in the party between types of progressives — purists, who he said often come from a life of privilege — and pragmatists, who are more willing to accept some of what they want even if they get some of what they don't.

The latter type, among which Becerra counts himself, will flock to Clinton after the Sanders campaign ends, he suggested.

"People who are progressives who can dream and because they lived a decent life, their dreams can become a reality without much effort, those are the progressives I think have to recognize that you've got to wake up," he said. "The progressives that I think are going to be fervently for Hillary Clinton in November, like my parents and me, who understand that you've got to dream but, man, dreams don't put food on the table."

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