Politics Podcast: The Good, Bad, And Just Plain Weird Surrogates Of 2016

Episode 2 of No One Knows Anything: The BuzzFeed Politics Podcast.

Bill Clinton is a great speaker. But in 2016 he has not been great when it comes to speaking on behalf of his wife's presidential campaign.

More than once, Hillary Clinton's campaign has had to distance her from things Bill has said. Bill has had to apologize, too.

It's a far cry from Bill Clinton's turn on the campaign trail in 2012.

Bill is not the only gaffe-prone surrogate of 2016. Bernie's got 'em, Donald's got 'em. Everyone's got 'em. Trump has the gaffe-iest surrogate of all, Ben Carson.

Here's what it sounds like when Carson tries to say nice things about Donald Trump and, you know, try to make people want to vote for him.


So, why have surrogates at all if they're so gaffey these days? In the latest episode of No One Knows Anything, the BuzzFeed Politics Podcast we explore that question.

We talked to two of the sharpest operatives who worked for one of the few campaigns whose surrogate operation was actually pretty good: Caitlin Conant handled surrogates for Marco Rubio and her husband, Alex, was the campaign's communications director. Listen to what they have to say in the latest episode and subscribe here!

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