Is Figuring Out What To Wear Impossible For Anyone Else Right Now?

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The other day, I was feeling adventurous. After a months-long streak of wearing only stretchy fabrics, I opened my closet and reached for a white button-up I hadn’t worn in some time — since 2019, to be exact. But as I went to slide my arm into the sleeve, my body rebelled. Nope! it screamed. No freaking SHIRTS today! Nonplussed, I slipped it back onto the hanger, where I guess it will stay forever. Sorry to that shirt!

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic disrupted our lives. Among other things, what so many of us wear has changed, as have our fashion senses. With more pressing concerns taking priority, some now treat clothing as a bare necessity, while others have been spending money on aspirational outfits that only a few people might ever see. Giants of the fashion industry suffered and closed down as unemployment rose and socializing stalled. One Florida judge castigated attorneys, who are usually so formal, for dressing “inappropriately” at hearings; sales of sweatpants soared nationally, while bras and “hard pants” were dropped from rotation.

Has the pandemic changed how you think about fashion? Are you determined to cement pajamas as a daytime thing, or excited to dress up again in the not-too-distant future? We’d love to hear from you — fill out this form to share your experiences. We may reach out with follow-up questions. Your answers may appear in a future BuzzFeed News story. ●

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