You Can Walk Through A Garden Of Christopher Walken Sculptures, Because Why Not

The Monument to Walken will be on display in Queens, NY until March 13th.

If you're a living, breathing, human being, then chances are you've got some love for Christopher Walken.

Because he's just a totally iconic guy.

So it's probably no surprise that there's now a sculpture park filled with Christopher Walken heads.

The installation is in Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, NY, and is part of the Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition.

Aptly called Monument to Walken, the incredibly accurate busts come from artist Bryan Zanisnik.

You can Walken through the garden from now until March 13, 2017.

Plenty of people have already made the journey to see this very special exhibit.

And hey, who can blame them, really?

Thank you, Walken, for existing, so that this Walken in the park could be a possibility.

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