20 Companies With Amazing Employee Perks

Free massages and latte art classes? Yes, take me to there.

1. Pinterest

What they do: Maintain the Pinterest community, and make sharing easy.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Office perks: Pinterest hacks are notoriously hit or miss, but the company holds regular hackathons, where employees choose a creative idea and work together to make it happen. And in lieu of hacks, there's a weekly happy hour where employees get to ask questions to the founders of Pinterest.

2. SC Johnson

Flickr: ilovememphis / Via Creative Commons

What they do: Manufacturer of household products — think Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Ziploc, Drano, etc.

Location: Racine, Wis.

Office perks: An on-site concierge is available to mail your packages, send flowers, deliver groceries to your house, and get the oil in your car changed. Other cool perk? Whenever you retire, you're rewarded with a lifetime membership to the company fitness center.

3. Mars


What they do: Food manufacturer with brands like M&Ms, Orbit, and Whiskas.

Location: McLean, Va.

Office perks: If you work at Mars Chocolate (brands like Snickers and Twix) or Wrigley (brands like Skittles and Starburst) you get FREE CANDY! (All the pink Starbursts your heart desires.) And if you work for any of their pet divisions, then bringing your furry friend to the office is encouraged.

4. ThousandEyes


What they do: ThousandEyes is an IT performance management company that helps its clients recognize network’s issues and find solutions to problems.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Office perks: Sustenance is key for the ThousandEyes employees. Which means lunch is free and catered every day, and if you're working late, dinner gets comped. Did I mention that the office has an intense espresso machine, and employees get free Espresso 101 classes, like “Latte Art.”

5. Google


What they do: Run the world.

Location: The Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif.

Office perks: On-site doctors and medical services to keep employees healthy without the awfulness of waiting rooms. Free lunch, dinner, massages, yoga, and car washes are also part of the package.

6. General Mills


What they do: General Mills mainly produces food products we all know and love, like Yoplait, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Cheerios.

Location: Minneapolis, Minn.

Office perks: Flexibility is the name of the Mills game. When you start at the company, you automatically get three weeks of paid vacation a year, and that increases the longer you work there. Plus, they have flexible work arrangements and encourage telecommuting and/or working part time when it helps your schedule.

7. Xero


What they do: This online accounting company works for small business and individuals to make tracking finances simple.

Locations: Their headquarters are in New Zealand, with offices in Australia, the U.K., and San Francisco.

Office perks: Supporting independent coffee shops is part of the office culture, and everyday at 11 a.m., the staff takes a walk to a local coffee shop. Xero encourages its employees to take the time to socialize and catch up with their coworkers.

8. Discovery

What they do: Discovery Communications focuses on nonfiction media through television and online content, with brands like Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, and OWN.

Location: Discovery’s headquarters are located in Silver Spring, Md.

Office perks: To keep its employees growing creatively, the company offers free classes and events, like African dance classes and chocolate-making lessons to watercoloring, fly-fishing, and improv seminars. Another fun perk? Discovery has an in-house wellness center so employees can see primary care doctors and pick up prescriptions in the offices.

9. World Wildlife Fund


What they do: The WWF is a conservation organization that works in over 100 countries to preserve wildlife and animal habitats.

Location: WWF's headquarters are located in Washington, D.C.

Office perks: There are a few inspiring things about the WWF, like their tradition of "Panda Fridays." Every other Friday, all employees get the day off to spend more time with their families and pursue outside interests. Pretty cool, eh? And everyday during lunch the company offers complimentary presentations on topics ranging from biodiversity to Amazonian wildlife.

10. NFL


What they do: They are the folks in charge of all things National Football League.

Location: The headquarters are based out of New York City.

Office perks: To kick off every football season, an office pep rally is held with tailgaiting, games, and photobooth sessions. Plus, since the players they rep are in peak physical shape, employees have access to free fitness classes and an NFL gym.

11. The Boston Consulting Group

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What they do: The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and the world's leading advisor on business strategy.

Location: Their headquarters are in Boston, Mass., but they have more than 75 offices in 43 countries.

Office perks: When employees are working too hard, the company issues a "red zone report" to signal that they need to stop working such long hours. (LOL) And new employees can delay their start date by six months, and receive $10,000 to volunteer at a nonprofit.

12. Kiva


What they do: Kiva is an online lending platform that caters to supporting the developing world.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Office perks: Miss recess? At Kiva they hold a monthly recess, where everyone takes a 30-minute break to eat free food, listen to music, and play in the office. Did I mention that you can bring your dog to work? (Recess or not.)

13. Facebook

What they do: Remind you of why you should never go to your high school reunion.

Location: Menlo Park, Calif.

Office perks: Essentially, Facebook is all about catering to your every whim. And employees get free transportation, dry cleaning, a company gym, and meals. In addition, there's a candy shop on-site, a vending machine filled with free computer accessories (in case you forget any at home), and free bike repair.

14. Birchbox


What they do: Birchbox is an online service that enables users to receive monthly boxes of beauty samples, as well as online shop.

Location: New York City

Office perks: Working at Birchbox is basically signing up to try each and every product for free. Because there are bins and buckets of products all over the office that employees can take from and "test" out.

15. SeatGeek


What they do: Much like Kayak, except for concerts, SeatGeek aggregates ticket sellers like StubHub, eBay, and TicketsNow, and organizes tickets by the best value.

Location: New York

Office perks: The company doesn't just say you'll have fun, they employ an official social planner to organize competitive ping-pong tournaments, bowling after work, and other group bonding experiences. Oh, and aside from organized outings, there's also a happy hour every Friday.

16. Omnigon


What they do: Omnigon is a digital consultant for sports and entertainment brands.

Location: New York City

Office perks: Forget TGIF, it's TGIT every Thursday at Omnigon. When 5 o'clock rolls around it's the start of the company's happy hour. There's a bar, DJ booth, and the employees get to pick their own tunes.

17. Justin.tv


What they do: Similar to YouTube, Justin.tv is a website that allows users to upload their original content on their own channels.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Office perks: Every employee gets free massages twice a month, plus free lunch and dinner every day. And every Friday is "Fine Liquor Friday," where the company doles out $300 for the staff to go out and buy whatever they're in the mood for from the liquor store.

18. Deloitte

mycareer.deloitte.com / Via en.wikipedia.org

What they do: Deloitte is all about financial services, providing audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk, and financial advice.

Location: New York City headquarters, with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Zealand, among others.

Office perks: If you're looking for a place where they're all about vacations, then Deloitte is your match. They offer two sabbatical programs: a one-month unpaid leave that you can take at any time for any reason, and a three to six-month paid sabbatical to pursue personal growth. (Read: Want to write that novel? Go for it.)

19. Apportable


What they do: Apportable is a digital platform that allows developers to bring their apps to mobile devices.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Office perks: Since this is a company all about apps and games, the company converted an old tae kwon do studio into an open space that allows employees to play awesome mobile games all day in a unique environment. Oh, and they get gourmet lunches catered daily.

20. Tagged


What they do: It's a social discovery website geared at making it easier to connect with people through games, profiles, and more.

Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Office perks: There's a free gym membership, regular massage days, unlimited sick and vacation days, and monthly wine tastings are just some of the perks of this company.