18 Cringey And Hilarious Corrections From News Outlets In 2022

We regret the "genitals" error.


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Correction: The clue for 47 Across in the Monday crossword puzzle implied incorrectly that coal is a viable source of clean energy


Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly said that a female snowy owl is called a hedwig; there is no specific term for a female snowy owl; the article has been corrected


Twitter screengrab of the Los Angeles Times tweeting "I am a goth" — Nicholas Cage followed by a reply, also from LA Times, reading the correct spelling of "Nicolas" and the note "Our deepest apologies to the goth legend"


An article's subhed reads: Please stop and think before you inadvertently dub another young, white guy as the next hot NFL coaching prospect
Editors’ note: We learned after the publication of this article that 49ers OC Mike McDaniel, whom we describe as a “white guy,” is in fact biracial


An important editor's note in the Calendar section of today's @latimes.

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The Los Angeles Times ran this editor's note here. (Paul is also not American.)


@serenawilliams @SerenaVentures @nytimes This was our mistake. It was due to an error when selecting photos for the print edition, and it did not appear online. A correction will appear in tomorrow’s paper.

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The New York Times published this correction here.


Correction: An earlier version of this article described incorrectly a cartoon dog created by the company Invisible Universe for Jennifer Aniston. Clydeo is meant to be a cousin of Aniston’s real-life dog, Clyde; he is not an animated version of Clyde


BuzzFeed headline reads "If You Can't Identify 10/12 Of These LGBTQ+ Flags Then No Pride For You"
Correction: an earlier version of this quiz included the straight pride flag and the straight ally flag, which our readers rightfully pointed out do not represent the LGBTQ+ community. These have now been replaced!


Correction: Yesterday's Incoming misspelled "genitals" in the subject line. Thank you to everyone who quickly called out this "genitals" error. We regret the "genitals" error


Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a season one episode of Stranger Things had been edited retroactively to remove a shot of Jonathan photographing Nancy while she was changing (And yes, we are aware of the irony)


Correction: Blythe Danner has never won an Academy Award. An earlier version of this article misstated her accolades.





A correction was made on October 25, 2022: An earlier version of a photo caption with this article misidentified the performer shown with James Corden in a "Carpool Karaoke" segment. She is Nicki Minaj, not Cardi B


Correction: There are actually 18 corrections and errors in this list, including this very correction you're reading now. A previous version of this list said there were only 16.

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