Successful People Tweeted About Their First Jobs And It Was Pretty Inspiring

Started from the bottom now they're verified on Twitter.

What was your first job? Delivering newspapers? Babysitting?

Over the weekend, a bunch of people started tweeting the list of their first seven jobs.

@HelloCullen worked 3rd shift at that abandoned hospital 11pm-7am. Had to make sure it wasn't on fire. Made 6 rounds (about 7miles) nightly

Like with any good hashtag, soon celebrities joined in on the trend. Turns out Stephen Colbert did a whole bunch of boring jobs long before he became host of The Late Show.

#firstsevenjobs construction, bus boy, cafeteria server, library data entry, futon frame maker, futon salesman, waiter

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin gave us some serious career inspo when he noted he used to spend his time washing dishes before walking on the moon.

#firstsevenjobs Dish washer Camp counselor Fighter pilot Astronaut Commandant Speaker Author Now Global Space Statesman!

House of Cards creator Beau Willimon definitely paid his dues.

#firstsevenjobs 1. Movie Theater 2. Busboy 3. Car Detailer 4. Plastics Factory 5. SAT Prep Teacher 6. Barista 7. Campaign staff... 15. TV

Model, Transparent actress, and trans activist Hari Nef showed us that sometimes those endless unpaid internships might just pay off.

#firstsevenjobs tattoo shop reception hair salon reception toy store clerk office pa @livingtheatre intern @vfiles intern @jv8inc intern

Actress and feminist activist Mira Sorvino showed that sometimes you have to look around a little bit before figuring out your path.

#firstsevenjobs Babysitter ESL teacher in Beijing Copy editor Waitress Script reader Bartender Chinese tutor

YouTube star Dan Howell may have been half-joking with his list, but he turned that quadruple espresso into 6 million followers, so that's saying something.

#firstsevenjobs lifeguard shadow 👀 axe dealer ⛏ panic alarm presser 🚨 table sleeper 💤 quadruple espresso maker ☕️ dropout 📚 internet hobo 💻

There were also some critics — this is the internet, after all.

#firstsevenjobs is the ultimate humblebrag hashtag. Carry on.

And some jokers (and some smokers, and some late-night tokers).

1. picker 2. grinner 3. lover 4. sinner 5. joker 6. smoker 7. toker (night shift) #firstsevenjobs

#firstsevenjobs 1 create heavens, earth 2 sweep wind over waters 3 make light 4 make sky 5 make plants 6 make animals 7 accounts receivable

And then, of course, things got political.

1 racist landlord 2 bankrupt 3 creepy pageant owner 4 bankrupt 5 fire people on tv 6 bankrupt 7 failed presidential nominee #firstsevenjobs

#firstsevenjobs #1 - 7 Screw over everyone for money and power

But all in all, pretty inspiring, right? Is this the American dream everyone's always talking about?

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