Julian Assange Made A Twitter For A Kitten Because He Is Bored And It Is Cute


World, meet Embassy Cat (alternate names: WikiKitty, Mewlian Assange, Kittizen Purr).

Nothing suspicious under here... 😼 #counterpurrveillance

Embassy Cat belongs to Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of countersurveillance website WikiLeaks, which publishes leaked confidential documents from around the world.

'Small curs are not regarded when they grin; But great men tremble when the lion roars' @DiploMog

AKA that guy Benedict Cumberbatch played once.

The "WikiSqueak" came into our lives on Monday to keep the famed whistleblower company in his pawlitical asylum.

There are currently warrants out for Assange's arrest in connection with 2010 accusations of sexual assault. Ecuador granted Assange refuge in 2012, and he has been living in the United Kingdom's Ecuadorian Embassy ever since, unable to step outside without being deported to Sweden.

Everyone loves me! Looks who's shown up to greet me! 😻💢 #nodogsnomasters #counterpurrveillance

It is unclear whether the pun-affectionate feline is running its own Twitter account, or if it is being aided by its fugitive father.

Exciting first day but finally settled down and feline fine 😺

But either way it's clear someone's having a good time in the fight for kittizen purrivacy.

Awake and exploring! Apparently this Human wrote Manufacturing Catsent 😹 #chomsky

Stay cute not mute, Embassy Cat!

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