President Obama Just Said Sasha Tweets

Oh, he also gave his first speech in support of Hillary Clinton.

President Obama on Tuesday gave Hillary Clinton a strong endorsement for president, but then he told the crowd his daughter Sasha tweets, and Twitter lost it.

Obama made the comment in Charlotte, North Carolina, at his first campaign appearance in support of Clinton while making a point about how unqualified Donald Trump is.

“Everybody can tweet, but nobody knows what it takes to do the job until you’ve sat behind the desk. I mean, Sasha tweets,” but she doesn’t expect to sit behind the desk, Obama said.

People immediately started trying to figure out what Sasha's Twitter handle is.

Okay shit, please tell me I'm not the only on who's frantically searching for Sasha Obama's Twitter account!

sasha obama's Twitter either locked or under a Zayn fandom pseudonym or both

Seriously, though, people freaked out.


the new indiana jones movie should be about harrison ford trying to find sasha obama's twitter handle

Journalists right now scouring Twitter to find Sasha obama's Twitter account

Some thought maybe Sasha had secretly been one of the more well-known Twitter users all along.

Plot twist: Sasha Obama is Sasha Fierce and has been Beyonce this whole time.

Sasha Obama secretly tweets and ghostwrote the last three Drake albums.

But posers also started throwing up red herrings, making the search for the real Sasha nearly impossible.

It is I, Sasha Obama, posing as a 25 year old white male, this is my real twitter account, dad blew my spot up

would like to thank Aaron Edwards for letting me, Sasha Obama, use his account all these years, he's a really cool guy and v smart

ugh I hate when my dad mentions me during a speech with Hillary Clinton and I start trending online #SashaObama

I am Sasha Obama!

The White House declined BuzzFeed News' request for comment, but that didn't stop Twitter users from imagining the reaction.

Many put themselves in the 15-year-old's shoes.

When your father outs your Twitter account on national television.

White House statement on behalf of Sasha Obama: “DAAAAAAAAAAAAD”

The dinner table might get fun tonight.

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