People Think The "Rickroll" In Melania Trump's Speech Was Intentional Sabotage

"He will never, ever, give up ... and he will never, ever let you down!"

Since Melania Trump spoke at the Republican National Convention Monday night, people have noticed some, uh, ~issues~ with her speech.

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Nearly all of the shock has come from Melania's apparent "borrowing" from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. But some people glossed over another Easter egg:

I thought the thing about Melania Trump's speech including a Rickroll was a joke. Watched the video. IT'S REAL.

Donald Trump, Melania said, "will never ever give up, and most importantly, he will never ever let you down."

Did you catch that? Maybe with some music this time...

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A quick explainer for those who have never been "Rickrolled" in their lives (lucky you!): Rickrolling is an internet-originated practice of sneaking an excerpt from Rick Astley's 1987 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up," into unexpected places.

The actual lyrics in question are:

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down

Melania Trump at #RNCinCLE: "I can assure you: He will never give up and he will never let you down."

So. Did Melania Trump just successfully pull off the most public and rickroll of all time?

Possibly the best "Rickroll" ever perpetrated by man on Melania Trump #RNCinCLE

Or, people wondered, was there something more sinister at hand?

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but between the plagiarism and the probable rickroll, I’m not convinced this wasn’t a deliberate sabotage.

Was it an inside job? The internet seems to think so.

Honestly, the Rickroll does make me suspect sabotage from within.

But, if it is sabotage... who is the saboteur? Was Chris Christie taking revenge for not getting VP?

It is my dearest hope that Chris Christie wrote the speech.

Or maybe it was a mole from the other side!

So, apparently there was also a rickroll during Melania Trump's speech. Hillary Clinton's team is on some genius double agent shit.

But others think it wasn't sabotage at all, but instead, a coded plea.

I think Melania Trump's rickroll was really a cry for help. If you look closely, she could be blinking in morse code...

Or just some innocent childhood pranking.

Can totally imagine the Trump kids offering to help out their step mom and having a laugh as they add a little plagiarism and a rickroll.

In any case, this is for sure: This presidential campaign will never ever give up, and it will definitely never ever let you down.

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It won't run around and desert youuuuuu.