People Are Challenging The Male-Dominated Film Industry With The Hashtag #FilmHerStory

In 2014, only 30% of the speaking roles in films were women. The people of the internet are asking Hollywood to #FilmHerStory.

During the 2015 Academy Awards, a nationwide discussion of the show's lack of diversity spread on Twitter under the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite.

#OscarsSoWhite the only time a Black person is nominated, let alone wins, is if they're in a role as a slave or the help.

But with the beginning of Women's History Month, the Twittersphere has pinpointed a different problem: The lack of movies about real women.

“@ShaulaEvans: THIS is what a protagonist looks like #FilmHerStory ” YES!!!

Thousands of people have taken to social media to highlight the many women with filmworthy stories using the hashtag #FilmHerStory.

#FilmHerStory Victoria Claflin Woodhull, 1st woman to est. a brokerage firm on Wall St & first woman to run for Pres.

After all, since the Oscars began in 1928, only 16% of the nominees have been women, the Oscar Database Silk reports.

Yes. Definitely! RT @sleepygeeky: #FilmHerStory The Saudi #women of the #Women2Drive Campaign.

And of the just four women to have been nominated for Best Director, only one has won.

@H2theG: #FilmHerStory AUGUSTA SAVAGE, Sculpture, artist, educator who fought for equal rights for AA's in the arts.

No woman has ever been nominated for Best Cinematography.

Marsha P. Johnson. Trans activist. AIDS activist. #FilmHerStory #BlackTransLivesMatter

And only 7% of major Hollywood films are directed by women, according to the Center for the Study of Women in TV and Film.

#VitaSackvilleWest bisexual aristocrat, landscape architect, Bloomsbury Group poet, public scandal #FilmHerStory

This year, every film nominated for Best Picture was about a man.

Sarla Thakral, #India's 1st Female #Pilot, age 21, 1936. Solo Gypsy Moth flier. #Artist #Inspirational #FilmHerStory

Steve Jobs and Edward Snowden both had two movies made about them this year.

#FilmHerStory 'The Sea Queen' Legendary Irish pirate, businesswoman & resistance fighter Grace O'Malley

Yet Harriet Tubman has only ever appeared cinematically in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The only film to bring #HarrietTubman to the big screen was #AbrahamLincolnVampireHunter. #FilmHerStory!

And the "one-dimensional female character" still pervades Hollywood.

Of the top 100 grossing films in 2014, women represented 30% of all speaking characters, says the CSWTF.

@H2theG Annie J. Easley - Af. Amer. NASA Computer & rocket scientist in 1960's #FilmHerStory

29% of those were major characters, 12% were protagonists, and 13% were leaders (executives, politicians, doctors etc).

#FilmHerStory | ELSPETH BEARD, British architect who jumped on her @bmw bike at 24 y/o and rode around the WORLD!

Of the female characters appearing in films, the racial breakdown was as follows: 74% white, 11% black, 4% Latino, 4% Asian, 4% other, and this being the movie industry, 3% otherworldly, according to the report.

I'd LOVE a film about Dorothy Toy aka the "Chinese Ginger Rogers" #FilmHerStory

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Someone the world needs to know....Sojourner Truth #FilmHerStory

And no Oscar-acknowledged trans characters have ever been played by a transgender actress.

Georgina Beyer, worlds 1st openly transsexual mayor&M.P #FilmHerStory

Twitter has pitched thousands of film ideas, now its time for Hollywood to start writing.