Lightning Struck The Disney World Castle And It Looked Like Maleficent Was Taking Over

She clearly just wanted her castle back.

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Just before the nightly Magic Kingdom fireworks show began at Orlando's Walt Disney World on Friday, a storm descended on the "happiest place on earth," creating an effect both terrifying and awe-inspiring.

Many posted images on Instagram and Twitter, calling the lightning "mesmerizing" and "mother nature's fireworks."

But others saw the truth behind the seemingly natural phenomenon...

One of Disney's most feared villains was clearly staging an attack.

I think we all know who is responsible for the Lightning over Disney World

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~Maleficent wuz here~ RT@BuzzFeedStorm: Lightning strikes over Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Luckily an anonymous Disney hero must have thwarted the infamous villain, as the planned fireworks prevailed in the end.

And just in time for the 4th of July! Disney always did love a happy ending.

Better luck next time, Maleficent.

OK, so we realize the castle at Disney World is Cinderella's, not Sleeping Beauty's. But wouldn't it be so like Maleficent to go after poor little Cinderella? And besides, the Evil Stepmother didn't have magical powers, so who else could be attacking? Think about it.

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