An 11-Year-Old Just Graduated College And Called It A "Baby Step"

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Tanishq Abraham, an 11-year-old boy with an abnormally high IQ, graduated from American River College in Sacramento, California, on Wednesday with three degrees, putting all of your past achievements to shame.

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Though Abraham was only fully enrolled in the college for one year, he graduated with three associate degrees in math and physical sciences, general sciences, and foreign language studies, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Abraham first began taking a class in astronomy at River College, his local community college, at age seven, while he was still being homeschooled in high school-level subjects by his parents.

Last year he reportedly passed California's early-exit high school exam, officially graduating high school, and enrolled in college full time.

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"This wasn't really that big a thing for me," Abraham said. "I just followed my passion of learning, and that's how I ended up here!"

Abraham lives in Sacremento with his parents and his 6-year-old sister, Tiara. Both of the siblings reportedly joined MENSA, a high IQ society, when they turned four years old.

They spend their free time singing, painting, and playing computer and video games. But Abraham says his favorite past-time is writing articles articles for NASA.

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Abraham's parents, who say they have homeschooled him ever since he expressed "boredom" with grade school, are extremely proud of his accomplishments. "We did it as a family, it was a lot of teamwork," his mother Taji Abraham told Fox.

Yet they still have concerns about the bright child's future.

"We hear about all these stories about gifted kids as they grow to be adults that they have a lot of emotional problems like depression," Abraham's father Bijou Abraham told Thnkr, a web series on child prodigies.

"He can choose anything he likes as long as it keeps him happy," his mother added.

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Even though he's accomplished more than most legal adults, Abraham considers this no more than his "first few baby steps toward his BIG goal," winning the Nobel Prize and becoming the President of the United States.

But first, he said, he wants to get his BS, PhD, and MD.

3 Associate college degrees -Awesome feeling- completed my first few baby steps to my BIG goal- @NobelPrize med doctor/researcher & @POTUS

Congrats Tanishq! Buzz Lightyear would be proud.

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Abraham's decorated graduation cap.