Mars Is Going To Be Bright AF Tonight So Look Up

A good opportunity to scope out your new space home.

Mars will be glowing its brightest in two years on Sunday night during a phenomenon called Mars opposition.

Mars opposition occurs when the Red Planet – aka our next home – has made a full orbit around the sun and ended up in line between Earth and the sun.

Because of that Mars will be lit up by the sun, NASA says, making it the brightest celestial object tonight – if you're lucky enough to have a clear sky over your head.

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The Mars opposition happens every two years, about how long it takes for it to orbit the sun. On Sunday it will be about 47.4 million miles from the earth.

Even though Mars will be visible with the naked eye, it will probably just look like a particularly bright star. If you can get your hands on a telescope, or even a strong pair of binoculars, you might be able to scope out some good land to build your new space house on.

But if the weather in your area isn't behaving – or if Amazon's two-day shipping on your telescope didn't pan out – fear not!

On May 30 Mars will be the closest its been to the earth since 2005 for the creatively named Mars Close Approach.

So grab those binocs while you can! Next time you'll be able to peek the Red Planet won't be 'til 2018. The space real estate market's not getting any cheaper!