Tillman, The Famous Skateboarding Bulldog, Has Died

Roll in Peace, Tilly.

Guinness World Record holder and beloved canine celebrity Tillman died of heart problems Wednesday night in his home state of California.

The dog's owner, Ron Davis, said Tillman experienced an irregular heartbeat over the summer and developed a heart muscle disease, the Ventura County Star reported. He was pronounced dead en route to a local pet hospital after showing signs of discomfort.

The English bulldog was born in 2005 and rose to fame when his owner posted a YouTube video of his skateboarding talents in 2007. In 2009 Tilly broke the record for "fastest 100 m on a skateboard by a dog."

Tillman, also nicknamed Tilly and Pot Roast, made numerous television and internet appearances throughout his prolific career, gaining international recognition as one of the stars of Who Let the Dogs Out, presented by Petco on the Hallmark Channel, and a stint in an iPhone commercial.

But Tilly wasn't a one-trick puppy. Though his owner said he could never teach him to roll over and do other basic dog tricks, Tilly was skilled at most board sports — including boogie-boarding...

...and surfing!

The rad pooch spent much of his charmed life hanging with other cool, thrill-seeking dudes, such as NASCAR drivers...

World-famous snowboarder Shaun White...

And chilin' with his own furry squad.

We'll miss you, Tilly! Hope you're having a great time riding that giant skateboard in the sky. 🐶 ❤️

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