The Cincinnati Zoo Deleted Its Twitter Account Amid Harambe Trolling


The Cincinnati Zoo, site of #HarambeGate, has been trying to move on from the gorilla's notorious death by tweeting cute animal facts.

As distinctive as a fingerprint, every zebra has a unique pattern of stripes.

But the problem is, the Harambe lovers of the world just won't let them. Every time the zoo's poor social media manager tweets, the Harambe trolls come out.

I see Cincinnati Zoo has gone and tweeted again

Look at these grey flamingos! Everyone loves flamingos, right?

Watch for our young flamingos walking around the Zoo on your next visit! #birdsareawesome

Right, everybody. Everybody like Harambe. Harambe LOVED flamingos.

Such a fun fact about this pretty snow leopard!!

Snow leopards like Renji have a tail that is up to 3ft long to help with balance #caturday

You know who would have really enjoyed this fact? HARAMBE. Harambe LOVED animal facts!

Thought this adorable baby cheetah in a shirt advertising a fundraising race might throw off the Harambe fanatics?

Today is the last day to pre-register for the #CheetahRun5K on Aug. 28th!

You thought WRONG. #NeverForget #Harambe4Ever

Still, some people had some sympathy for the zoo.

If you think you have it bad, be happy you don't run the Cincinnati Zoo Twitter account.

Others even tried to tweet some nice things at them, to switch up their mentions a bit. Wrong move, Stephanie.

The trolling got so bad that by Tuesday morning, the Cincinnati Zoo had deleted its Twitter account. 👀

Don't you get it, Cincinnati? It will ALWAYS come back to Harambe.

Harambe hugs for Pinky.. Heaven gained another real one #RIP


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