Here Are The People Whose Kentucky Derby Hats Won Everything

It would be hard to pick the Cat In The Hat out of a crowd right now.

In case you didn't notice all the enormous, feathery, hats floating around, today is the 141st Kentucky Derby aka The Festival of Hat-mas.

It is a day of joy, horses, and most importantly, the wearing of hats you would be publicly ridiculed for on any other day of the year.

Yet it is also a day of danger and fierce competition. Who will wear the largest, most creative of hats without straining their necks? Only time will tell.

So far, this person definitely wins for most pertinent hat/diorama.

This lady got the Coolest-but-Creepiest hat award in the category of Nostalgia.

And this person won for basically just becoming her or his hat.

But she or he was closely rivaled by these two.

Figure skater Johnny Weir and BuzzFeeder Jessi Probus both managed to make good use of their hats without sacrificing aesthetics.

You can learn to make your own one of these here.

While Joey Fatone took the prize for the more natural look, and this lady came in first place in the category of "Abstract Art or Bowl of Rice?"

This fella stole first place in Straight Forward Utility.

And Josh Groban won for Invisibility.

But nobody won in skill, strength, and bravery like this lady won. Just, wow.

Well played ladies and gentlemen, well played.

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