Olivia Wilde Has Restricted Her Instagram Comments After Being Harassed For Reportedly Dating Harry Styles

Olivia received thousands of abusive comments branding her "shameful" and "embarrassing" when news broke of her rumored relationship with Harry.

In case you missed the news: Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are reportedly dating!

The pair met while working on Olivia's movie, Don't Worry Darling and, according to reports from People, have been dating for around a month.

There have been numerous reports about the budding relationship ever since, including claims that Harry has already met Olivia's two children with her ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis, and that they're even living together during the shooting of the movie.

And it's safe to say that despite the pairing coming as a surprise, most people are over the moon about it.

seeing those pics of olivia wilde and harry styles like

In fact, when news of their relationship appeared, people took to Twitter to share delight and jokes.

for a second i thought harry styles was dating olivia colman and i was like holy FUCK

However, because this is 2021 and we still can't have nice things, a select few Harry Styles fans have expressed anger over the relationship, taking to social media to harass Olivia.

On the day the first photos of Harry and Olivia surfaced, thousands of fans took to Instagram to leave abusive comments on the actor/director's photos, telling her that she should be "ashamed," accusing her of "stealing" Harry, and branding the relationship "embarrassing."

Well, Olivia has now returned to Instagram for the first time since the news broke to reveal that production on their movie has resumed after a brief pause due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"And we back," she captioned the behind-the-scenes set photo.

However, it seems Olivia has been forced to restrict her comments as a result of the harassment she's received and only allowed messages from people she follows to appear.

Not only is there a message on the post flagging that comments have been limited, but so far it's only amassed nine messages compared with the 20,000 on her last post.

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