Kristin Cavallari's BFF Is Now Putting Madison LeCroy On Blast All Over TikTok Despite Kristin Being "Unbothered" By The Jay Cutler Drama

"If everyone stops saying Madison's name, she'll stop making stuff up for attention."

Kristin Cavallari has apparently dismissed the recent drama between herself, ex-husband Jay Cutler and reality star Madison LeCroy as "noise" and maintains she "isn't affected in any way."

If you somehow missed the epic feud, allow me to fill you in.

Last week, Kristin and Jay posted a photo of themselves alongside a cryptic caption about ~users~ and their bond being ~unbreakable~ nine months after announcing their divorce.

While some fans took the post as a signal that the pair had reunited, others suggested it was a retaliation to comments made by Southern Charm star, Madison LeCroy, the night before.

As if things couldn't be any more complicated at this point, it's important to note that Kristin was romantically linked to Madison's ex, Austen Kroll, earlier this month while Madison herself was recently reported to be dating Jay.

During an Instagram Live, Madison made disparaging comments about Kristin's parenting skills, mocked her dancing, and claimed that Jay was "relieved" to have split from her.

After fans connected the dots and suggested Jay and Kristin's post was a nod to the comments Madison had made, she decided to pull out some ~receipts,~ and posted screenshots of text messages purportedly between her and Jay in a bid to prove that they had been dating.

And in the second screenshot, Madison appeared to use a caption to cover up part of a sentence about her and Jay sleeping together.

Meanwhile, Kristin's BFF, Justin Anderson, hopped onto Instagram himself to seemingly confirm the feud and defend his friend.

"The only time that I said anything and called someone a liar and said they were a snake was when they went live and talked about kids," he said. "That's not right. I'm standing up for my friend."

"I have no skin in this game other than standing up from my real life friend," he wrote alongside the video.

"Also, an adult posting private messages from another adult? That's fucking low," he said in a second video. "That says a lot right there."

Well, despite Kristin and Jay remaining completely silent as all the drama kicked off, Justin has continued to speak for them in a series of newly posted TikToks.

After Madison shared her receipts, Justin posted a video of himself sipping an iced coffee alongside the caption: "It's the 'making something out of nothing for me for me' ✋🏽 ba ba doo, ba ba dee ee 🎶"

He went on to post a second video with the caption: "Wondering how making a couple new buddies in charleston turned into this dumpster fire 🤦🏼‍♂️"

And when Justin was asked whether the videos related to the drama, he claimed that the Southern Charm star was "using Kristin and Jay to get attention."

In a second comment, he wrote: "If everyone stops saying Madison's name, she'll stop making stuff up for attention."

However, Kristin appears to be unfazed by the fallout, with a source telling Us Weekly that she considers it all to be background noise.

"All of what Madison is saying and putting out there is just noise to Kristin," the source said. "Kristin is unbothered by what is being said about her — it just doesn't affect her in any way."

The source added that Kristin "doesn't take the time to read what's being written about her and doesn't know unless someone close to her brings it to her attention."

The statement was almost identical to comments made by Kristin back in December when addressing the parenting criticism she receives online.

"To be honest, I don't read comments on Instagram so I don't catch wind of those negative comments unless my best friend, Justin, decides to go on and read my comments and respond to people or whatever it is," she told Good Morning America. "It's really just noise, to be honest. I don't let any of that stuff really affect me."

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