The Kardashians Hinted That They Made A Mistake By Ending "KUWTK" In A New Teaser Trailer For The Final Season

"Did we make the right decision by walking away?"

Late last year, the first family of Calabasas revealed that their iconic show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, would be coming to an end in early 2021.


The Kardashian/Jenners confirmed the news with matching Instagram statements in which they thanked fans for all their support over the last 14 years and 20 seasons of the show.

"Without Keeping Up with The Kardashians, I wouldn't be where I am today," Kim wrote in her statement. "I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has watched and supported me and my family these past 14 incredible years."

Earlier this month, the Kardashians revealed that filming for the final season had wrapped, with the family sharing emotional drinks with the production crew, who each received a Rolex watch as a farewell gift.

And now the all-important teaser trailer for the final season has arrived, and boy, is it emotional.


The trailer opens with flashbacks to iconic moments from the show, as Kim and Khloé reminisce over the memories.

"Filming has been one of the best experiences of my life," Khloé says.

"We didn't think anyone would be into watching a show about our crazy family," Kim goes on.

Interspersed between these flashback shots are the words: "For 14 years, they opened their hearts. Now, the curtain is about to close. Keep up for one last season."

We then get to see the moment the Kardashians told the production crew that the show would be ending — which they've all maintained was the hardest part of deciding to call time on KUWTK.

Through tears, Kris Jenner says: "We just wanted to tell you in person that we won't be going forward with filming the show anymore."

The camera cuts to crew members crying too...

Before Kim bursts into tears and says: "I just want you to know that we really appreciate you guys — each and every one of you."


But elsewhere in the trailer, there are hints at major ~drama.~


First, we see Khloé telling Tristan that she's ready for baby number two!

"I just feel it's time to have another kid," Khloé says in the clip, before Tristan breaks into a smile.

Rumors have been swirling over the state of Khloé and Tristan's relationship for the last year after they quarantined together at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. And in the last season of KUWTK, Khloé revealed that the pair had decided to create embryos together for possible future use. She also spent an entire episode deliberating over whether to forgive Tristan and take him back after their dramatic 2019 breakup which involved two cheating scandals.

"For almost a year now, you've been a completely different person," she told Tristan during the episode last year. "It frustrates me because I'm like, 'Why now? Why are you the man I dreamed of currently? Why couldn't you have been like that when we were together?'"


"I don't know what the future holds," she added. "All I do know is I'm actively trying to take down little bricks, I'm trying to be more trusting. It's a slow process, but that's just how it has to be for me. I do appreciate the effort you make and the new you — it's night and day who you are."

So it seems that perhaps Khloé and Tristan have rekindled their relationship for good — and that the season could round out with a second Baby Thompson on the way.

The trailer then goes on to address Scott and Kourtney's relationship, with the family heavily hinting that the pair, who split in 2015, are ~end game.~

"I saw Scott and Kourtney asleep together on the couch," Kim tells her family before the camera cuts to the cute scene.

"They're definitely made for each other," Kendall goes on. "Like, they're supposed to be together."

And the trailer ends with a hint that the family have been doubting whether they made the right decision to end the show.


The words "Celebrate the era, the empire, the end" flash up on the screen, before the camera cuts to Kris Jenner — the show's creator — in a final confessional.

"Did we make the right decision by walking away?" Kris asks the camera before the trailer comes to an end.

Much has been made of what the future will hold for the family after the Season 20 finale.

Back in September, BuzzFeed News speculated that KUWTK ending could risk the family's entire empire. After all, the show provides the framework for everything else they do — it extends the news cycle, ensures visibility and connects them as the world's most ubiquitous, powerful celebrity brand. Without it, they risk losing the very vehicle of their fame.

But it remains to be seen how everything unfolds over the next few months, and for now the countdown to March 18 is on.

Season 20 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians premieres Thursday, March 18, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on E!

You can watch the full trailer here.

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