Verizon FiOS Twitter Stunt Backfires In Hilarious Fashion

"I'm looking for a top quality Canadian hooker who's on blow in a short period of time. How fast can I get results on FiOS?"

A new Verizon FiOS commercial encourages viewers to reach out to the three happy customers featured in the ad. The Twitter handles of the "longtime FiOS users" are displayed in the commercial to help with this process:

Meet @RegSchneider:


And @lianarowe:

On Twitter, the plan initially went just how Verizon intended:

Of course, people do have a few questions for the supposedly "happy customers" featured in the Verizon ad:

And then there are the completely unrelated questions:

Or invitations:

But, inevitably, the trolls appeared:

In addition to a lot of people interested in one particular feature: