The Real Winner Of The VP Debate Was Joe Biden

Because a debate without Uncle Joe is just a bunch of malarkey.

1. When it comes to debates, Joe Biden has a history of putting the VP in MVP.

VP DEBATE PREDICTION: "For the last time Mr. Biden you can't 'defend your title.' Go sit in the audience and please put your shirt back on.

2. So, yeah, no pressure, Tim Kaine.

Biden at the back of the room making sure Tim Kaine doesn't drop the ball #VPDebate

3. You know Biden was watching.

SOMEWHERE IN WASHINGTON DC: Joe Biden, eating ice cream by the spoonful from a gallon tub, yells at #VPDebate on TV like it's the Super Bowl

4. And you know he had thoughts.

President Obama has already put his phone on “do not disturb” mode because Biden won’t stop texting him.


Joe Biden standing in the back of the #VPDebate auditorium:

6. Especially when Mike Pence brought up Biden's hometown.

Pence: “People in Scranton know different.” Pence, internally: “Ah fuck.” Biden: “YOU BOTOX-FACED LIL SHIT, I’M COMING FOR YA!” #VPDebate

7. As the clock ticked by, it became clear that the debate needed saving.

Biden's about 5 minutes from rushing the stage, ripping off his aviators & telling them both "Let me show you how i…

8. It needed a hero.

I keep waiting for Biden to jump out and scream MALARKY

9. It needed one man.

I wish Kaine could tag in Joe Biden for a few questions to liven this shit up. #VPDebate


*stands up in the debate audience* PUT BIDEN IN! *Everyone, including the moderator and Time Kaine applauds*


Waiting for Biden to walk out like...#VPDebate

12. If only.

"My god, that's Joe Biden's music." "Malarkey." Internet explodes.


*VP debate stage slowly rotates 180°, revealing Joe Biden playing a drum solo*


Can... can we get another term of Biden as VP?


They should just let Biden do the VP debate until someone beats him. #DiamondJoe

16. 🙌

Love Tim K and all but what if we just say Joe Biden gets to be for VP for life and we ditch this debate for a season 4 SVU rerun

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