11 Pictures Of Princess Diana And Emma Corrin From "The Crown" That Are Honestly Hard To Tell Apart

It's truly uncanny.

The fourth season of The Crown just dropped on Netflix, and there's a ton of chatter about how much actor Emma Corrin looks like Princess Diana.

Season 4 of #TheCrown imho is the best yet. Emma Corrin has captured all the magic of shy Di. Prepare to fall in love with Princess Diana all over again. It only came out today and I’m on a deadline but that hasn’t stopped me from watching 5 episodes already.

Emma Corrin as Lady Diana is literally the best casting decision i’ve ever seen.

And honestly? When you compare images, it's a little unreal.

First, it needs to be said that The Crown's costumers need to win all the awards.

The show's attention to detail is really made clear when you compare its scenes to old photos of the royals.

But Corrin's incredible resemblance to the young Princess Diana just takes everything to a whole new level this season.

It's crazy.

I mean, this is a pitch-perfect re-creation of Charles and Diana's engagement photo.

But Corrin also nails Diana's bashful demeanor during the engagement interview. (You know that clip from this scene that's become a meme? Diana actually made that face!)

She just captures her essence — even in the smallest moments.

Like the demure way Diana dealt with the press (which earned her the nickname "Shy Di").

And the way she smiled when she was with her sons.

In conclusion: Are we sure that these women aren't somehow distantly related?

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