Teen ISIS Bride From Britain Blogs About The Death Of Her Jihadi Husband

Umm Khattab al-Britaniyyaa says she is an 18-year-old who has been living in Syria for five months.

One of the most visible female ISIS members on Twitter is a woman who goes by the name Umm Khattab al-Britaniyyaa, and claims to be an 18-year-old from the United Kingdom. Recently, she has been posting on her blog about the death of her husband.

According to her account, Umm Khattab's husband was killed in Kobani on Oct. 27. She says they were married for four months and two weeks, but Umm Khattab has written that they only spent about two months of this time together.

On her blog, Umm Khattab describes the moment she heard of her husband's death.

On the 28th of October, a sister came to me and asked if my husband was Abu Khattab Al Swedi. I said, "yeah," and she said, "Mabrook [congratulations], he's shaheed [martyred]."

I didn't know how to react because I didn't believe it, so I laughed and was just like, "Really, LOL?" So when it hit me the sisters told me to do sujood, but I wanted to do It in my house. When I got home I did my sujood and all my emotions came out because it hit me that my husband had FINALLY made it, Inshallah after a more then a year in Shaam [Syria]. Although I was very happy for my husband, I was also sad because I wouldnt see him till akirah [the afterlife]."

Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten reported on Oct. 30 that a Swedish fighter in his late twenties had been killed by coalition airstrikes early in the morning of Oct. 28, in Kobani.

It seems likely that this could have been Abu Khattab.

She also writes of the death of her husband's friend who made the journey from Sweden to Syria with him. Images purportedly of the dead body of this man, Abu Uthman al-Afghani, were posted by ISIS supporters around the date Umm Khattab reported his death.

Despite the short relationship, she writes that she deeply loved her husband.

Although I miss my husband dearly, I guess I'm learning to live with the fact his gone. He was my family, you know, my zawji [husband] and the dearest thing to me. It's the little things I will miss from him. Even though he wasn't with me for long I can truly say he took my heart.

Umm Khattab has been tweeting about her husband's death and her happiness and pride in him.

Wife of a shaheed insha'allah at 18 years may allah accept him :')

Wallahi i would never of thought I would be in shaam yet alone being a widow ah 18, we plot and plan but Allah is the best of planners

Makes me smile my husband shed his blood for Allah in Ayn Al Arab to spread Allahs shariah in the lands may Allah give him jannah in return

Her friends — who appear to be other women living in ISIS-controlled territory — have been tweeting their congratulations to her as well.

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