Luigi Gets Brutally Murdered In The New "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Trailer

RIP Luigi.

ICYMI, there's a new Super Smash Bros. game coming out for the Nintendo Switch in December, and it looks pretty flipping sweet.

HOWEVER, the latest sneak peek trailer of the game has left fans absolutely rattled.

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You know Luigi? Brother of Mario, hunter of ghosts, mean mugger of go-karting?


Despite all of the #SmashBrosDirect reveals for #SmashBrosUltimate, the biggest surprise for me was seeing LUIGI'S COLD, LIFELESS CORPSE IN AN OFFICIAL NINTENDO VIDEO.

You think I'm exaggerating?

RIP Luigi (1983-2018)


I can't believe that Luigi got killed while he was literally scared to Death


Are we gonna ignore the fact that Luigi got murdered in cold blood and is literally staring at his lifeless corpse as a ghost?

Someone at Nintendo had to look over and approve that animation reveal. They had to look and say "Yes, this high-definition dead Luigi meets Nintendo's quality standards."

Fans were not prepared.


since luigi died maybe we can contact his spirit with one of those luigi boards ive been hearing so much about

Me when they killed Luigi during the #SmashBrosDirect

If Luigi can die none of us are safe

And yes, sure, this was all a setup to introduce two characters from Castlevania that will be in the game, but WAS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO KILL LUIGI?!?

That #SmashBrosDirect was all well and good, but let's not forget the consequences of our joy 💚 RIP Luigi 💚 💚 1983 - 2018 💚

If you think all these new characters came without a cost... think again. You will be missed, Luigi

when the nintendo direct hype settles and you realize Luigi is actually dead

As a few people pointed out, Luigi hasn't been having the best year.

First he gets possessed by a tennis racket in Mario Tennis Aces, then he literally gets his soul ripped out of him in Smash. Nintendo has been putting Luigi through hell this year

could u imagine being Luigi and the scariest thing you’d ever seen in your life was like… a Boo... and then this shit happens

People were so concerned, Nintendo actually released a statement via Twitter saying that Luigi's okay!

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Nintendo for additional comment.

But some people remain unconvinced.

are u sure? he looks pretty dead

No sale. Put Luigi on camera with a clock and today's paper or we'll have to assume the horrible things we saw were true.

Plus, Luigi doesn't look very good in the official art on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website...

RIP (?) Luigi (1983–2018).

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